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Year 2s working on the iPads

Mr Dickenson (and iPad expert!) came in to Westfield Infant school today to work with a 2 groups of year 2 pupils. As the pupils had been learning about castles recently he gave them the opportunity to work with an app called 'epic citidal' whereby they could 'look inside' a castle! The pupils had an fabulous time exploring the castle, they excitedly talked about what they saw and worked with their friends to get them to the same places! They began talking about what might have happened in the castle and Mr Dickenson showed them how to take photographs of the places they found. At the end of the session they were introduced to 'book creator for iPads app' and began to add their photographs to make their own books! Well done to all the Year 2 pupils who took part in the session - they will now be the experts when they go back to their classes when they use the app in the future!  Thank you Mr Dickenson!