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Identifying Pupils with SEND

At Westfield Infant School we identify pupils with special educational needs early through

  • teacher’s observations
  • support staff observations
  • rigorous assessments and tracking progress
  • parental/carers views
  • pupils views
  • knowledge and pre-school/previous school history

which are recorded on an Initial Concerns Checklist Part 1. This will be shared with you, you will be asked to sign it and you will be given a copy for your reference. This is a procedure for all SEND paperwork from school so you are fully involved with the support your child will receive and the progress they are making.


Further evidence will be collected on an Initial Concerns Checklist Part 2 including the impact of provision put in place to support your child’s identified needs. At this stage you will be informed about the LA’s information, advice and support service. You will be given a copy of the Westfield Infant School leaflet for parents/carers of pupils on the SEND Record. This information on the SEND Section of the website will also be shared with you.


When sufficient evidence has been collected and it is agreed by the relevant teaching staff and in consultation with yourself that your child is still not making expected progress despite high level quality first teaching they will placed on the SEND Record as having SEND support. If your child is not placed on the SEND Record at this point they will continue to be monitored to ensure all the correct provision is in place.


For more information see Section 2 of the full version of the SEND Information Report