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Early Years Foundation Stage Team (EYFS)

Introducing the Early Years Foundation Stage Team!

Class 1

Mrs Chuter
Mrs Tunnicliffe
Mrs Harris
Mrs Katherine Chuter
I am the Deputy Headteacher and Year Group Leader for the EYFS. I am the subject leader for Geography  and I have shared responsibility for Pre-school/Foundation Stage Liaison and shared responsibility for Parent/Carer Partnership. I teach in Class 1. My Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Tunnicliffe and Mrs Harris. 

Class 2

Mrs Wood
Miss Clarke - LSA
Mrs Warren - LSA
Mrs Wood
I am the teacher in Class 2. I am also the subject leader for Art Design and Technology and have shared responsibility for Pre-school/EYFS liaison. My Learning Support Assistants are Miss Clark and Mrs Warren.

Class 3

Mrs Leeson - Teacher
Mrs England - Teacher
Mrs Pegg
Mrs Booth
Mrs Leeson and Mrs England
We are  the Teachers in Class 3. Mrs England has joint responsibility for Computing and Mrs Leeson is the subject leader for Religious Education and Multi-cultural Education. Our Learning Support Assistants  are Mrs Pegg and Mrs Sitaram-Booth. 

Other Support

Miss Burrows - HLTA
Miss Knight - LSA
smiley All EYFS teaching staff are available at the end of the school day if you would like to speak to us. At the beginning of the school day messages can be left with various staff members who will be at the doors. smiley