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Quotes from our last inspection:


Given their individual starting points when they join the school, children in the Reception Year make increasingly good progress in all areas of their learning and development. 


Most pupils continue to make excellent progress in Key Stage 1 and, by the end of Year 2, their achievement is outstanding. 


A strong and consistent approach to the pupils’ personal, social and emotional development results in their outstanding behaviour and understanding of how to be and stay safe.


The school is particularly successful in the promotion of a love of reading and enabling pupils to develop well this important skill.


Excellent teamwork across the school results from outstanding leadership at all levels, from subject leaders to the senior leadership team and the governing body.


The regular and careful monitoring of teaching and learning, results in teaching being typically at least good, with much that is outstanding.


Excellent attitudes to learning are fostered consistently well across the school.


The staff are highly self-critical and selfchallenging; they make very accurate assessments of the school’s effectiveness, and there is a constant drive for improvement.


The school is highly popular with its families, who also appreciate the ways the school helps them to support their children’s learning.