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Lunchtime Support

Meet the Lunchtime Team!

During the morning  the catering team are busy preparing the dinner. Between 11.50 and 12.50 a team of staff support the children whilst they eat their hot dinner or packed lunch.

As well as Lunchtime Supervisors we also have a team of Learning Support Assistants who as well as working with the children in their classes they are also employed as Play  Leaders between 12.20 and 12.50.  
Picture 1 Mrs Wilson, Lunchtime Support and First Aid
Picture 2 Mrs Toms, Luncheon Club
Picture 3 Mrs Singleton, Eco Warriors
Picture 4 Mrs Bailey, Lunchtime Support
Picture 5 Mrs Huddlestone, Lunchtime Support
Picture 6 Mr Bills Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 7 Mrs Hamilton, Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 8 Mrs Wright, Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 9 Miss Swain, Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 10 Mr Corbett, Lunctime Supervisor
Picture 11 Mrs Cosnett, Lunchtime Supervisor