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Governor Attendance

Westfield Infant School Record of Governors Attendance at Full Governing Board Meetings 2019/2020


Name of Governor Curriculum Meeting 25/9/19 LA Meeting 20/11/19 Curriculum Partners Meeting plus LA Meeting 12/2/20 LA Meeting 1/4/20

Curriculum Meeting


LA Meeting 1/7/20
Gail Steele - Chair Present Present        
John Poultney - Vice Chair Present Absent        
Adam Squires Present Present        
Cheryl Wilson Apologies Present        
Amy Berry Present Present        
Samantha Robertson-Berridge Present Present        
Jonathan Lawrence Present Present        
Beverley Chilolo Present Present        
Laura Jeffs Present Present        
Peter Smith Present Present        
Katy Chuter Present Present        



Attendance Register for Governors Sub-Committee Meetings 2019- 2020


Finance and Staffing


Name 04/10/19 21/01/20        
Pete Smith (Chair) Present          
Gail Steele Present          
Adam Squires Present          
Jonathan Lawrence Present          


Safeguarding and Premises (incorporating Health & Safety)

Name 12/11/20 17/03/20        
Amy Berry (Chair) Present          
Gail Steele Present          
Adam Squires Present          
Cheryl Wilson Present          
Samantha Robertson Berridge Present          
Premises Officer (as required)            



Name 12/11/19 17/03/20        
John Poultney (Chair) Absent          
Gail Steele Present          
Adam Squires Present          
Katy Chuter Present          
Beverley Chilolo Present          
Laura Jeffs Present