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Year 2 Visitor from Bosworth Battlefield

Today Year 2 were very lucky to receive a visit from Eddie from Bosworth Battlefield. He was dressed in clothing from the past and brought along artefacts, including lots of armour, to show the children.


Eddie told us all about the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 (including a few disgusting details). We found out that people weren’t very hygienic and clean when going to battle as well as dirty living conditions.

We learnt that there were 3 main people in the battle; King Richard III (who had the biggest army), Henry Tudor (who had the smallest army that couldn’t fight) and Lord Stanley. Lord Stanley took a backseat until towards the end of the battle; where he took sides with Henry Tudor. We also found out that the battle lasted around 90 minutes and didn’t have many people there (less than a football stadium).


It was a very interesting afternoon where we found out a lot of facts; including the size of cannonballs (2 bags of sugar), what people ate and drank (beer, wild boar, rabbits, rats, berries) and how they went to the toilet (in their armour; yuk!)