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Year 2 Visit to Kenilworth Castle

Year 2 had a fantastic day at Kenilworth Castle. The weather was very kind to us and this really helped. We walked around the ruins and let our imagination run wild, imagining Kings and Queens, dragons and knights. The children used all of their learning about the features of the castle. If you are looking at these photographs with a grown up you could impress them by sharing your knowledge. Can you spot the moat? What about a rampart or an arrow slit ? Can you explain how these things helped to defend the castle? At the end of the afternoon we walked all the way around the outside of the castle, it was very muddy but helped us to see just how big the castle was. Year 2 was very well behaved and made all of the grown ups extremely proud of them. Thank you to everyone who gave up their own time to join us on the trip, we really appreciate it. Look out for more information about our new and exciting topic this term 'Towers,Tunnels and Turrets'.