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Year 2 - Virtual Synagogue Visit

What a fabulous opportunity Year 2 pupils had today – visiting Leicester Hebrew Congregation Synagogue, virtually!


This visit comes at the end of their RE unit of work – Who is Jewish and what do they believe? The children were able to showcase their vocabulary as they looked at some of the key features in the Synagogue (where the Rabbi sits, seats for the congregation, the Arc and Torahs, even the Mezuzahs in the doorways). They met Ginny who showed them some pictures of the outside of their synagogue, some items such as a Kippah & Tallit (prayer hat and prayer scarf), and talked to them further about the Torah scrolls and yad. Do you remember what the yad is used for? One group of children even met the Rabbi!


A fantastic question and answer time was had by all classes which helped to consolidate this term’s learning about Judaism. The children did a brilliant job at remembering the different aspects of Judaism and the festivals they celebrate. It’s true to say that they were all amazed to learn that the Torah scrolls are as long as a football pitch, when unrolled!


Thank you Year 2 for showing real interest and respect whilst visiting this Place of Worship. We are very proud of you. Thank you to all at the Leicester Hebrew Congregation Synagogue for giving a super virtual tour and talk.


Here are a few comments that the children made when I asked them about the experience:

“The Torah scroll is written in Hebrew and we even saw the yad. It’s a bit like a metal stick – so that they don’t mark or touch the scroll.”

“The Rabbi said hello to our group.”

“The lady showed us a Mezuzah which has a miniature scroll in it”

“They showed us the special candlestick – the Menorah.

“The Torah is actually five books not just one.”

“It took a year to write the Torah!”

“I learnt that the children have special places to sit upstairs in the Synagogue. The boys and girls sit separately,”

“Shalom means peace.”

“I saw the Star of David – that’s the Jewish symbol you know.”