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Year 2 Trip to St Mary's Church

This afternoon the children in Year 2 walked into Hinckley town to visit St Mary's C of E Church. The children learnt about some of the important symbols and objects that are special to Christians. 


Can you remember what went in the cup and on the plate? 


We saw the font that is used for Christenings and the bell that is rung at the end of weddings. We had to cover our ears it was so loud! 


The children were shown what the Vicars wear during Church services and were told what each colour means. 


Can you remember what colour the Vicar wears during Christmas and Easter? 


The children were then given the opportunity to have a look through The Bible and find answers to questions from different parts of The Bible. 


Finally we all had a look around the Church to see the stained glass windows and think about what they show.


Can you remember some of the special people on the stained glass windows? 


Well done to all of Year 2 as they were very well behaved and really impressed Beverly with their thoughtful answers.