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Year 2 Tamworth Castle Trip

This week, the Year 2 children visited Tamworth Castle to support and extend their learning about our topic 'Dungeons and Dragons'. The children met the strict, well-dressed Lady of the castle and were able to help the servant, Lucy, lay the table with plates, spoons and candlesticks for the Lord and Lady's meal.

Can you remember the metal that was used to make the plates?

What were some of the differences between the rich and poor peoples plates and cutlery?


The Lord and Lady were very surprised with some of the clothing the children (and the adults) were wearing so with some help, they were able to show us what appropriate clothing for girls and boys was like in the past. 


The children then had to opportunity to see a knight's metal armour and put it together. Some children got to try on the knights helmet and found out it was very heavy! Then we all took part in knight training. How loud it was!

Why was shouting loudly in battle so important?


After a picnic lunch, a tour completed our trip to the castle. We explored many of the rooms throughout the castle and even sneaked a view from the battlements. Careful 'watchman' looking was essential to ensure no enemy was trying to invade Tamworth!

Can you remember the name of the room that we might call a 'bedroom' today?


The children had a fantastic time applying their learning and picking up so many new and interesting facts about castles from the past. Superb behaviour too!


Back at school, Year 2 children learned about dragons, using art and D&T skills and learnt a poem to recite.

What was the name of the patron saint who bravely slayed a fierce, angry dragon?


What an exciting few days we have had! Well done children.