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Year 2 Pirate Day Trip

Today Year 2 pupils had a fantastic day packed full of adventures on their quest to be officially recognised as pirates worthy to sail to seven seas!


Arriving at Beaumanor, children met the three captains who had created plenty of challenges to keep the children busy and build on some of the exciting learning during our Topic lessons back at school. 


Children had to use riddles to locate hidden maps indicating where the treasure would be found. We then went down into the dark cavern. It was amazing to see so much pirate treasure and we even got to taste a pirate's staple food, old stale biscuits. Thankfully these biscuits did not contain any insect.

Can you remember the added ingredient in the biscuits that was once thought to be very precious by pirates?

Can you remember the name of the animal that would be found in these pirate biscuits?


Children also had to complete a grog challenge in teams. Using vessels of varying sizes, pupils carefully transported the grog across an adventure playground trying not to spill any of the grog! Children showed amazing self-control and persevered across a challenging course!

Share with your adults at home the surprising ending to this challenge (a raincoat may have been helpful!)


All pirates should have excellent accuracy, especially if they're in charge of firing the cannons so aiming practice was essential to our pirate training. Some children showed great ambition and aimed for the more challenging targets further from the ship!

Can you remember the target you needed to hit to score a spectacular 50 points?


The children agreed that burying treasure needed a good memory to avoid forgetting where it was! Working cooperatively, the children complete a pirate-themed pairs game and earned precious treasure for each pair matched. 


Our final challenge called on children to use their super maths skills to complete a missing number game. Children worked well to solve word problems, using their mental and written strategies to fill in the boxes. 

Could you write your own pirate-themed word problem and share it with your class?


We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and are pleased to announce that all children passed their training and are now recognised as daring and fierce pirates! Well done to all children.