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Year 2 Mablethorpe Trip Day 1

After an early start and a long journey on the coach we made it to Mablethorpe. A quick drink and we were ready to go on the beach for some sandcastle building and paddling in the sea!!
After a trip on the sand train (wishing to go deeper into the water) we made it to the Seal Sanctuary. We all bought something exciting from the shop and went around the sanctuary looking at the different animals and learning new information in the 'Time Trail'.
We then said 'so long, farewell' to the day trip children and everyone else walked back along the beach to get ready for dinner! Another hour was then spent at the beach with many games being played including football against the teachers.
Before bed, we watched the Sound of Music and drank hot chocolate. Everyone fell asleep quickly because of how tired they were from their first day in Mablethorpe.