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Year 2 Leavers Assembly

Although today has been a sad day for many Year 2 pupils on their final day at Westfield Infant School, it is also been a fun day! Year 2 pupils walked into the hall beautifully to Take That’s ‘Never Forget’ and sat proudly on the stage as some tears began to roll down even some of the adults faces.


Following Mrs MacLauchlan’s welcome, the Year 2 children sang one of their favourite songs ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ beautifully.

It was then time for congratulations to be given to four Year 2 pupils who had managed to achieve 100% attendance this academic year! They were each presented with a WH Smith voucher. A further presentation was made to one of those four pupils who had succeeded in achieving 100% across their three years at Westfield Infant School! What a fantastic achievement – Mrs MacLauchlan put it down to a very healthy diet and being a 'Tough Cookie'! The pupil was awarded a cinema gift voucher to enjoy with her family. Well done children – something to be very proud of.


School Council certificates were given out to the class representatives who have met very important visitors over the year and attended meetings to put forward the pupils’ voice in the everyday running of the school. Thank you for your hard work and commitment over the year children. They were each presented with a notebook and pen, just in case they attend any more meetings at their Junior school.


Miss Hamilton and Mrs Singleton thanked the Eco-Warriors that had taken on the role for the whole academic year and praised them for recycling, turning off lights and planting fruits and vegetables to support sustainability. They were presented with a certificate and Gardening book!


A selection of pupils then shared memories of the past three years with the whole school community which did make us all laugh! It was lovely to hear some of the little extras mentioned in their memories, those things that make Westfield stand out from other schools.

Mrs MacLauchlan took great delight in revealing the news that we have been awarded the Jenny Mosley Golden School Award for implementing and embedding a special ethos where every member of our school community is valued because of the importance of our Golden Rules and quality weekly Circle Time sessions delivered.

The whole school have been practising a very long surprise song over the past few weeks to acknowledge the special staff we are saying thank you and goodbye to today.


Mrs Hone has been working at Westfield Infant School for 38 years and was presented with her Westfield Bear (finally!!) and a beautiful special edition willow figurine of a child holding a book with the year 2018 on it. Mrs MacLauchlan was also pleased to see that Mrs Hone was wearing her special Pandora necklace to remind her of Westfield which she was gifted with last week.


Mrs Saunders retired today and will now be the President of her Rotary Club; she will still have many meetings to attend but also enjoy her free time. She was presented with some John Lewis vouchers and of course a Westfield Bear. Thank you for all you did Mrs Saunders especially in getting the grant for Class 7’s play area – what a difference that has made!


We also said goodbye to Mrs Chaplin and Ms Morris. Mrs Chaplin has been at Westfield for many years and always smiles. She is off on another adventure to work with other children at another school. Ms Morris always looks after the children in First Aid and is a cheerful person at Westfield as well. Thank you both. They were each presented with gifts.


Finally Mr Harries was included in the surprise song…can you remember why? He was presented with an up-cycled photograph display of him and Ruth which Mrs MacLauchlan EXPECTS to be displayed at their wedding over the summer. He was delighted with his gift! Well, it serves him right doesn’t it children? (He made fun of Mrs MacLauchlan’s Westfield Royal Wedding decorations!!)


Everyone in the hall was invited to sing One More Step which was followed by Mrs MacLauchlan’s message to all Year 2 pupils as they leave Westfield Infant School:


Of colour and race – you had no choice

In selecting your parents – you had no choice

But the road you take as you go along,

The choices you make between right and wrong,

The words you speak, the deeds you do,

Are decided by no-one else but YOU.


Thank you for being such a FANTASTIC Year Group. Have a super summer!