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Year 2 enjoy working with Sally Grindley

Year 2 enjoyed a workshop with Sally Grindley and learnt all about the process of writing a book from start to finish. She reminded us that many changes take place before the final story is published into a book which was great to hear especially as we have been doing a lot of self-editing in our English lessons. Sally shared how she develops her ideas and even cuts out little shapes for flaps that she wants to appear in her books. She explained what a gate fold was – can you explain this to your adult? We looked at the how an illustrator develops pictures to match the story that Sally had written. We listened with much anticipation to the completed story called Shhh! a firm favourite bought from the bookstall. Our workshop ended with Sally sharing one of her Ark Adventures with us. She then worked with pupils to generate their own creative ideas suggesting some of the problems Noah might have encountered getting the different animals on to the ark.