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Year 2 Day 2

What a beautiful morning! Once we had had our breakfast and applied more sun cream for the sunny day, we got into our groups for the adventures that lay ahead! We all enjoyed 3 brilliant activities!

Activity 1 - The Wharf.

We all walked sensibly down to the Wharf to meet Steve and the crew for the first adventure! The water was so calm and the children were eager to begin. Once in small groups we put on our life jackets - which most of us were able to do independently, and excitedly headed towards the water. 

We climbed onto the boats and were given instructions on how to paddle.

The journey along the canal was delightful, with children breaking into song, having banter with children on the other boats and generally smiles beaming from ear to ear! 


Activity 2

Ben joined us for fun packed team games on the playground.  The children were squealing with delight and all enjoyed the competitive games which enabled them to put into practice a variety of skills that Ben has taught them during PE in Year 2. To end the session the children played 'Tug O War' which they all loved! 


Activity 3

The pupils enjoyed lots of activities around the school grounds including Den building, Pond dipping, trim trail, observational drawing and completing the Blind Trail.


We hope you enjoyed the day children, talk to your grown ups about which activity you enjoyed the most!