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Year 2 Burbage Common Trip

This morning some of the Year 2's went to visit Burbage common! 

We were met by Mrs Ratcliffe who had set up camp for us and even lit a fire. We split into three groups to do some different activities. 


One activity was making nature pictures! The children were so creative and came up with some lovely designs and ideas. Have a look at the pictures and see if you can work out what the pictures are. Can you spot the picture that looks like a face? It even has eyelashes!


Another activity was den building using lots of sticks and material to make a shelter which came in very handy! The children worked really well together as a team to build some great dens. Can you spot some children hiding in them on the photos? 


The last activity was with Mrs Ratcliffe. We had a fantastic time cooking in the forest. Children had the opportunity to make tasty donuts using very simple ingredients and adding savoury flavours. We also made two types of fritters. After foraging around Burbage Common for elderflowers, we washed them in clean water and dipped them into a batter made from flour, water and a pinch of salt. For nettle fritters, we had to wilt the nettles on the fire so they didn’t sting us before coating them in the batter. Finally we had to cook them on the fire in a pan of oil. We knew they were ready because they changed colour. After sprinkling a little sugar over them, we got to enjoy our cooking. They all tasted delicious!


Back at school in the afternoon we all enjoyed a picnic on the playground as the sun finally came out! Then we enjoyed playing some games, building some lego models and taking part in some team sports. 


We all had a fantastic time despite the wet weather! Well done to all pupils for excellent behaviour.