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Year 2 Author Visit - Andy Cope

Five Year 2 pupils were invited to Arnesby to meet the amazing children’s author and incredibly funny Andy Cope. The room was packed with enthusiastic Y2-Y7 pupils from different schools.

He started the session by introducing a photo of his dog called Lara – his inspiration for writing his Spy Dog series. He compared her to the exceptional, super sophisticated, cleverest dog on the planet – his main character called Lara.

Andy talked to the children about having high aspirations and never giving up on their dreams. They were also challenged to answer some brain tests and reminded about the importance of reading for 30 minutes every day.

Westfield pupils asked Andy some interesting questions and found out some fun facts about him, including his favourite author…none other than the amazing Roald Dahl! This excited a few of the pupils who attend Year 2 Roald Dahl Reading Club. Did you know… it takes Andy two weeks to write 21,000 words for a book?!

A creative writing challenge was set for our Year 2 pupils to write a chapter about a pet gorilla who gets up to exciting things without the adults knowing! Some of our children even got to share their work with Andy and the whole room!

At the end of the morning pupils had the opportunity to choose a Spy Dog, Spy Cat or Spy Pup book which was personally addressed and signed by Andy Cope himself!

Well done for your impeccable behaviour Year 2. You represented Westfield Infant School brilliantly, despite being the youngest year group there!