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Year 1 workshops with Catherine Barr

Catherine Barr told us about her love for turtles and introduced us to the 7 different types of turtles including the Hawksbill, Leatherback, Flatback and Green Turtle.  Can you remember the other 3?


Catherine told us how turtles hatch from eggs and start their lives by stumbling across the beach to go into the sea!  They then begin the 'lost' years in which scientists believe only one out of a thousand survive.


Catherine went on to tell us how turtles are in danger of becoming endangered because of the rubbish dumped in the ocean. We thought about how we can take action to prevent this.  What could we do?  or what should we stop doing?


It was great to listen to Catherine tell us about her life and what inspired her to write the books we saw today.


It has inspired us to write a letter to the Prime Minister informing her of the current problems surrounding rubbish and endangered sea creatures.  Have a look through our photos!