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Year 1 Visit to St Mary's Church

Despite the drizzling rain, Year 1 had an amazing visit this afternoon to a 700 year old Church right in the centre of Hinckley! We met Rev. John Whittaker who started by asking us if we could spot anything in the Church building that we found interesting. Rev. Whittaker told us a few fascinating facts about St. Mary's having the biggest piece of art work in Hinckley (stained glass window behind the alter). He also made very clear links to pupils' art work at school and home and showed wooden angel sculptures on the beams, a golden eagle on the lectern for the Bible, and other beautiful pictures showing Jesus' life on the windows. Pupils remembered and used their previous learning to answer questions about the font and the Christian symbol - the cross. They found it very funny to learn that the organ is played with both hands and both feet, and had to cover their ears when Rev. Whittaker pulled out all the stoppers! Pupils were fortunate enough to visit the Bell Tower and learnt that the biggest bell weighs the same as a real car! A great visit which we will refer back to in our RE lessons. Thank you to all pupils - you behaved beautifully outside of school.