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Year 1 Visit to St Mary's Church

Year 1 enjoyed a lovely walk to St Marys Church this afternoon. 


The purpose of our visit was for the children to understand the significance of a church to Christians as a special building to meet in, worship and learn about God.


Before our visit we talked about who has been to a Church before?  How was it the same/different to what we may see at St Marys?  What clues can you see that you are inside a church?  When would you go/come to church?.


Can you have a think back to the occasions when people might visit a Church?


When we arrived at the Church a lovely lady called Bev pointed out the special features, signs, symbols and artefacts that can be seen in St. Mary's. Have a look through the photos and see if you can remember any of these...the alter, cross, font, lectern, pulpit.


Do you remember the special name of the seats we sat in. That's right, pews! The fact that the Church has pews will in itself command respect as they will know they are in a special place and will need to look forwards!


The building was absolutely beautiful and all the children were in awe of it. Bev told us all that we are welcome back whenever we want, so please if you want to find out more about the Church or God and Jesus then pop into St Marys!


Bev also commented on how well the children behaved and that they were a credit to their school and families, so well done all!