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Year 1 Family Roast Dinner

The Year 1 pupils were very excited today because a lot of them had visitors coming to school at lunchtime to have a Family Roast Dinner with them!

The Catering Staff were working very hard all morning preparing the food and as you can see from the photographs everyone had a delicious meal. The visiting grown ups were very excited to be able to use the Times Table Plates so there was also a lot of mathematical discussion whilst everyone was eating!

As the meal was roast pork everyone was offered some very special apple sauce to go with it! The apples were from our school garden, picked by the children who also helped to prepare the apple sauce. 

Thank you to all the parents/carers who joined their children for lunch. If you would like to make a comment about your experience don't forget you can use Guestbook! We would love to hear from you.