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Year 1 Dinosaur Visit



Today, the Year 1 children had an amazing experience, they met a dinosaur...


...honestly, we met a dinosaur, well two actually. One was a 6 week old T-Rex (can you remember what T-Rex is short for?) called Jack and the other was called Sophie and she was a bit older. She isn't fully grown yet but she is already HUGE. Have a look at our pictures to see for yourselves, we were surprised she was able to fit ion our school hall.


Our visitors who came along with the dinosaurs also had some fossils. They told us what fossils are, how they are created and what we can learn from fossils.


Can you remember how fossils are created?


What can fossils tell us?


We had the chance to see, touch and discuss a variety of fossils including a fossil of a piece of dinosaur poo, as you can probably guess we found this fossil particularly entertaining. We were also shown a T-Rex foot print that was bigger than we are, take a look at the photos to see it!


Of course, we wanted to get interactive with the dinosaurs and touch them. They were a lot friendlier than we thought and they didn't want to eat us. Considering T-Rex's are carnivores we were very surprised.


Can you remember the name for dinosaurs that just eat plants, and the name of those that eat both?


It was great to share what we have been learning in our topic lessons and also learn even more about dinosaurs through interacting with 'real' ones. We had so much fun, please take a look through the photos of our morning, you'll see that dino's aren't so bad after all.......



.....or are they!