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Year 1 Dinosaur Day



Today the Year 1 children had an amazing prehistoric experience. A huge dinosaur called Mollie came into Westfield Infant School to visit us, can you remember what type of dinosaur it was and if it was a herbivore, carnivore or an omnivore?


The children were able to share what they have already learnt about dinosaurs and top up their knowledge through interactive discussion. They had the chance to stand next to and move around the Mollie which gave them a first hand experience of what it would to travel back millions of year and meet a real dinosaur. Can you remember how many millions of years ago dinosaurs lived? Can you also remember the year the first dinosaur bone was found, and what type of bone it was? 

The Year 1 children will be putting all the excitement and enthusiasm built up this morning into their independent writing tomorrow! The teachers can't to read it.


A huge well done to all the children for showing great bravery and enthusiasm this morning when meeting Mollie the dinosaur. Please tell you grown ups at home all about the experience as you look through the photos below.