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Year 1 Dinosaur Day



This term Year 1 have been learning about dinosaurs. We have looked at; fossils and what they can tell us about the past, the different types of dinosaurs that lived, the specific features of these dinosaurs and their existence.


Today we were able to put our knowledge to the test and learn even more about dinosaurs. We talked about their diet, size and behaviour. In particular the T-Rex!

We also met a baby T-Rex called Jack and a 7 year old T-Rex called Millie. It was amazing to see the size of a 7 Year old T-Rex and learn how much they grow (we don't think we will be that tall in a years time).

We were also treated to a delicious dinosaur dinner which included dinosaur biscuits!

Please have a look through the photos of the day. 




Can you remember the answer to these questions?


What is the name of the tallest dinosaur ever discovered?


How many houses tall was this dinosaur?


Dinosaurs can have up to how many teeth?


What is the name of the smallest dinosaur ever discovered?


What do you call a person who discovers fossils?