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Year 1 Christmas Party

Year 1 had their Christmas Party this afternoon and it was so much fun!

The children played party games such as pass the parcel and musical stations. They also had the chance to perform all the favourite dances from the Key Stage 1 Christmas Play and sing all the fantastic songs. 


Just as we thought it couldn't get any better...a very special visitor entered the hall! It was Santa Claus himself!


We impressed Santa with out singing and dancing before he very kindly gave us our class presents. We are very lucky children indeed! We also promised Santa that we will continue to behave at school and at home and make it the best Christmas ever!


Finally we enjoyed a party feast back in our classrooms and had a great time with all our friends. Please look at the pictures below.


A huge thank you to all the grown ups that sent in party food as you helped make it all possible!