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Year 1 Carnival Day

Today, Year 1 took part in a Carnival Day, it was a very exciting day! We worked in our classes making carnival style bracelets and necklaces. We tried new, exotic fruits.

Children, can you remember some of the names of these or where they were grown?


With Steve, we practiced our circus skills, which included doing the limbo, plate spinning and walking along a tight rope, and learnt a Zumba dance!

Which circus skill was your favourite? Why?


In our classes we talked about carnivals that are held in Brazil and what a happy occasion they are. Finally, we transformed our hall into our very own Westfield Carnival! We wore our jewelry and our special headdresses. We enjoyed dancing to some special carnival songs! We had a fantastic time and learnt lots of new and interesting facts about Carnivals.

Parents, look out for a special invite to our Carnival assembly!