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Year 1 and Year 2 Christmas Party!

What a fabulous afternoon we all had!

We began by all dancing to our favourite songs from our Christmas play - (Africa and Happy Talk) - even the teachers knew all the moves!

Next we played party games including 'Festive Stations' and 'Pass the Parcel' which was so much fun!

After lots of dancing we all sat down to sing some lovely festive songs - we sang so beautifully that a very special visitor arrived -SANTA! Santa even joined in a few songs with us!

Santa was then very generous - giving each class a Christmas Present! Some were very heavy and all looked very exciting!

We then went back to our classrooms to carry on the party and eat lovely party food! Santa came to see us all and reminded us to go to bed early on Christmas Eve, and to keep following the Golden Rules!

Finally we opened our presents - Can you remember what you got?