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Year 1 and 2 Little Blue Monster Theatre Company performance of Pearl and the Pirates

Year 1 and 2 had the exciting opportunity to watch the 'Little Blue Monster' Theatre company production of 'Pearl the Pirate and the Little Blue Monster' this morning. It was a fantastic performance which engaged and entertained the whole audience, children and adults.


In the story Pearl the pirate went fishing in the sea and caught a monster egg! Pearl did not know where it had come from but the more the monster ate, the bigger it grew!  


Can you remember what the monster was called?


What did the monster like to eat? 


A nasty Captain wanted the monster and tried to catch him. 


Can you remember what the Captain's real name was?


Pearl decided to take the monster back to his home, Skull Island. How did they get there? 


Year 2 children had the opportunity to ask questions after the show about the performance, characters, puppets and the 'Little Blue Theatre' Company actors. Some children even got to control the puppets and try on some of the costumes. The children thought of some interesting questions. 


Thank you to all the adults who were able to join us for the performance and laugh along with the children. 


For activities to follow up from the performance please click below: