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Winner of Christmas Card Competition and Name the Persona Dolls!

This morning during assembly three children had a BIG surprise. First of all came the announcement of the Christmas Card Design competition. Earlier in the term all the children had the opportunity to design a card for printing. Mrs MacLauchlan likes to choose a favourite design each year and send it to all her family and friends.

The winning design this year features a Christmas Tree and a Snowman and Mrs MacLauchlan had seen the fun that had been had during the session when the card was being designed. Well done to everyone and thank you to Mrs Wood for organising the Christmas Card design sessions! 

Then it was time to find out the names of dolls who will shortly be leaving to live in India. These two Persona Dolls are going to help the children in India have a better understanding of what it is like to be a pupil at Westfield Infant School. Mrs Lesson is very busy making a book with photographs showing all the things that happen at Westfield Infant School each week and the two dolls are featuring throughout the book! 

They needed names for their passports and a lot of children had entered the competition with some great ideas. However the dolls have now been named......

Kira and Cole

Well done to everyone for your great ideas and also thank you for telling us what you like about Westfield Infant School. All this information will be included in the book Mrs Leeson and Mrs MacLauchlan will be taking to India.