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Visit to Loyola Primary School

The Primary School was a 10 minute drive away from the Secondary School and on the way we saw a lot of the villages the children live in with their families.

There are just over 100 children at the Primary School. The children start the school at 4 and they stay at the school until they are 11. Again there are trees surrounding the school that provide shade. The children also wanted to show us a parrot that was nesting in one of the trees next to where the children play. It was very high up so you will have to look carefully at the photographs to see if you can spot it!

The youngest children were very excited to see Brumas and he looked at their work. The children learn the letter names Aa Bb Cc and even the youngest children can recite the alphabet using letter names but they do not know any of the sounds. They sang the alphabet using letter names and Mrs MacLauchlan sang it to them using sounds. The teacher of the 4 year old children (like our Reception classes) was very interested to know how to make phonic sounds to  sound out the words.   

The youngest children are in classrooms on the ground floor and the older children go upstairs to their classrooms.

The youngest children who are like our R, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils have classrooms but if you look at the photographs you will see a big difference to Classes 1, 2 and 3 at Westfield Infant School. They do not have any furniture!  

When we went upstairs we saw the older children and one of the classrooms had a plaque explaining that it had been provided by fund raising from the Nevett Fund.

At the end of the school day the children all meet for an assembly and they sing the Indian National Anthem. The flag was then lowered by one of the children and most of them then walked home. A few of the younger children were collected by their parents on bikes and motorbikes but most of them walked carrying very big bags! Brumas noticed that some of the bags were almost as big as the children! One of the teachers walked back to the Hostel with the children who live there.

After the children had all gone home the Headteacher showed us where she lives which is in a house in the school grounds! Mrs MacLauchlan thinks this is a very good idea. The Headteacher lives there with 3 other Sisters and they had prepared a some very tasty food. There was some Indian Jelly made out of wheat  called Halwa, a very sweet fudge called  Mohanthal that Father Dominic loved and a special lemon drink that is good for your digestion. They also had a big bowl of Plaintain which are small bananas and grow in the grounds of the school.

The Sisters were very keen to show us their garden where they grow a lot of vegetables and flowers. They all love roses and wanted us to smell the scent of their favourite roses.

We left a big bag of treats for the children to have and some special pens with the details of Westfield Infant School on. Father Dominic was pleased that our bags are getting lighter now.