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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Assembly

It was a real delight being able to meet together this morning as a Whole School - dressed in red, white and blue, wearing the most ornate crowns and holding a union flag! Whatever was going on...? 


TODAY was our Whole School Celebration Day to mark The Queen's Platinum Jubilee - AND we had a special visitor - Her Majesty The Queen!


We looked at a special flag with the dates 1952-2022 and talked about The Queen reigning for 70 years. This is a part of our living history and is unlikely to happen again in our lifetimes so we wanted to make the day special, and one to remember. 


Mrs Leeson reminded us about all the activities and learning we have completed over the past few weeks in our classrooms. She quizzed us on our learning and checked our understanding of key vocabulary like Jubilee, Coronation, reign and line of succession. We told her that The Queen's full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor and that she resides mainly at Buckingham Palace in London. Her favourite animals include corgi dogs and horses. We looked a photograph of The Queen on the day of her Coronation and identified the Crown Jewels. We know that these are kept in The Tower of London!


We loved attending the Jubilee discos, decorating commemorative plates (we saw each other's on the screen as we came into the hall), painting and sketching The Queen, creating bunting in very creative ways, ordering a timeline of The Queen's 70 year reign, dressing up and enjoying Royal tea parties and writing letters to The Queen - to name but a few of our experiences.


Over the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to participate in competitions at home! Did you enter any of them?


Thank you to everyone who entered the Platinum Jubilee Family Quiz - you all received a special certificate. If you got all your answers correct your name was placed into a special year group box. Mr Squires had the honour of drawing our three winners who each won a Jubilee teddy bear, pencil and notepad. Congratulations!


The Platinum Jubilee Stamp Competition proved very popular and you all made it incredibly difficult for the teachers to choose one winning design per class. Well done for entering, everyone received a sticker and the winners were awarded with a Jubilee notepad and pencil. Well done!


To round up our Jubilee Assembly and to make The Queen's visit worth it - we sang The National Anthem (a few times!) using Makaton signs and then waving our flags. The Queen insisted on a Whole School photo so we obviously fulfilled her request!


Tonight, your child has come home with a special book all about Queen Elizabeth. This is for them to keep.


With Assembly over... we were looking forward to our Jubilee Picnic...