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The history of Westfield Infant School in the late 1960's!

Mrs MacLauchlan was recently contacted by Dr Catherine Burke who is a Reader in History of Education and Childhood. She sent Mrs MacLauchlan a document written in the late 1960's by Mr Joseph Featherstone an American Educationalist who visited Westfield Infant School and then wrote the paper.

When the school was first built it was very much considered to be a Flagship Early Years School and looking at the Log Books there were a number of visitors to the school both from different parts of the world and the country.

Dr Burke was pleased to find some history of the school on the website and she was also curious to know if Brumas the Bear is still here!

On Tuesday 24 October Dr Burke is visiting Westfield Infant School. She is interested in looking at any changes and to compare past with the present. She has been in contact with Mr Joseph Featherstone and is hoping to share her findings with him.

If you know anyone who was associated with the school during the 1950's and 1960's please share this information with them as

Dr Burke would love to meet them. If you are interested in meeting her and sharing any memories you have please come to the school on  Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 2.00 p.m. You will have the chance to meet Dr Burke, look at the report by Mr Featherstone, have a cup of tea and a treat and if you are interested we can arrange for you to look round the school.

  We need your memories PLEASE whether you were a pupil, a member of staff or a parent!