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The Choirs vist to a recording studio

Wow, what a fantastic day at the recording studio. When we first arrived we met so many people with microphones and cameras. Following a sound check we sang for the first time. Then we had to sing just the chorus followed by the verse. We had to do it again and again...and again.In the end the  recording engineer said it was good enough, phew, we were worn out. We stopped for lunch then we had to  sing one more time and  add cheers and happy birthday to Thomas. Everyone was really impressed and clapped us for ages. The whole thing was filmed and Freya and Seb were interviewed. Before we left the children were given an amazing goody bag, they also had a lovely printed T shirt. The children were very well behaved and made all the grown ups very proud of them. The film comes out in July so look out for it at a cinema near you! We may even get a sneak preview!!