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Thank you to Mrs Deeming

For many years Mrs Annette Deeming (fondly known to us as Nettie) has been a fantastic supporter of WISA. For 13 years she was WISA Chairperson and has worked very hard not only to raise funds but also she has helped in many other ways around school. 

Today we were hoping that Annette would join us for assembly but unfortunately she hurt her ankle  and was unable to come. However we had two children ready to present her with flowers, a  card and a very special Westfield Bear. We also sent a big box of treats for her family to share because they have also been great WISA supporters.

We have sent the gifts home to Annette but we all want her to know how grateful we are for all the time and effort she has put in over many years of involvement in the school.

Thank you so much Annette. We will miss you but we know that you are very busy helping great nieces and other family members!