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Special Visitors to Westfield Infant School

We had some special visitors to school today! Father Dominic has come over from India and is staying in London. He travelled to Leicester with Thayriam a student who received support from the Nevett Fund some years ago and is now studying at a University in London.

Mr Phil Nevett and Mr Andrew Childs also came and they all had lunch with the members of the School Council.

Father Dominic was able to update us all on the progress of the students at St Mathias and told us that Sister Rose wanted him to say 'hello' to everyone.

Over lunch the School Council asked some really sensible questions. One of the things they wanted to know was whether the children are still using all the playground equipment that Mrs Dakin and Mrs Parkes took to India on our last school visit. Father Dominic was able to tell us that the children have great fun with all the outdoor equipment and that the playground is a great improvement for the children.

After lunch the School Council took our visitors on a tour of the school and Thayriam told everyone that he thinks Westfield Infant School is amazing!!

Sadly the visit was soon over as Mr Nevett was driving Father Dominic and Thayriam over to see our friends at Ashfield Academy in Leicester.

Thank you to the School Council for representing Westfield Infant School so well.