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Sister Rose and Santhi Goodbye Assembly

Well, today was the day we said 'Goodbye' to our special visitors - Sister Rose and Santhi who have been in England for 9 days! To mark the end of their visit we held a special Whole School Assembly complete with a special guest - Mr Andrew Childs. Mr Childs shared a fantastic PPT which showed all the amazing work that has taken place over the last few years at St. Mathias and St. Francis Schools in Pondicherry with the overwhelming suppport of Westfield Infant School and other Schools in the Hinckley area.  From new clothes to school desks and benches, from a Science Lab to a Library, Mr Childs effectively presented life at School in Pondicherry which held everyones attention.  These photographs are currently being used in the Year 1 and 2 Geography Curriculum.  

Mrs MacLauchlan explained some of the exciting adventures that Sister Rose and Santhi have experienced during their time here; visiting London including Buckingham Palace, Chatsworth House, County Hall, a number of Hinckley Secondary Schools, past pupils at Westfield Junior School and observing lessons at Westfield Infant School to name but a few! (Why not check out our other Latest News!) Mrs MacLauchlan then explained that our sponsorship for Gowri had come to an end as a result of her finishing her studies and achieveing the highest grades in her year, which is super!  She introduced our new sponsored student Shilpah and shared a photograph and letter.  We'll be updating our board as soon as we get more information about Shilpah, so keep a look out!

On behalf of Santhi and the staff and pupils of St. Mathias and St. Francis, Sister Rose shared a few words to express her sincere thanks to Mr Childs, Mr Nevett, Mrs MacLachlan and Mrs Fox.  She presented Mrs MacLauchlan and Mrs Fox each with a garland.

Special thanks to Mrs Fox for accommodating Sister Rose and Santhi over the past 9 days - I'm sure she's learnt a lot about the art of making beautiful curry dishes.

Thank you also to ALL staff for your flexibility and change to timetables to enable our visitors to gain as much of an insight into our teaching strategies, curriculum coverage and school systems as possible. I know that the pupils have completed some superb work about Pondicherry and they relished in sharing their knowledge about Westfield and having the opportunity to ask our visitors thoughtful questions. - Mrs Leeson

Remember it won't be long until some of the staff from Westfield travel to India to meet pupils and staff in Pondicherry...keep checking the Website for further details!