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Pirate Day

Today Year 1 had their Pirate Day! We dressed up as Pirates and did lots of fun activities and we wore our hats that we made in class.

We used very old paper and made our own pirate maps and put a X where the treasure is buried. We even screwed it up to make it look old. We found a treasure map and had to follow it through the trim trail, we went through lots of different places and at the end we found REAL treasure. We looked at a map and had to find the treasure by using the co-ordinates.
After our activities had a pirate picnic at lunch time and then a Pirate Parade to show everyone our customs.
Everyone got the oppourtunity to go outside with Mrs Ratcliffe and Miss Banbury to carry on the Pirate activities.
At the end of the day we had a biscuit and sang some sea shanties.
We have had such a busy day!

Can you tell your grown-ups at home some of the activities that we have done today?
Year 1 have been fantastic today and all of the grown ups are really proud of you! Thank you to the adults at home, you have all made a great effort with the customs and we have all had a brilliant day