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Pirate Day - Year 2

What a fun day today has been!


Everyone looked amazing in their costumes ready for a fun packed piratey day. 


Treasure Hunt

We had to follow a set of clues to find the treasure... can you remember what we found using the clues and what was in the treasure chest? 


Flag Making

We learnt about the different meanings on pirate flags and made our own. Do you remember what the pictures on your flag represent?


Matching Game

The pirates gave us pictures of pirate related things and we had to match them in pairs. It was a great memory game and good to work as a team. 


Role Play

After recapping the different jobs on a pirate ship we turned Class 8 into a pirate ship and set to work onboard the Jolly Westfield!! It was great to get into character and 'scrub the deck' or 'hoist the sail'. What was your role onboard the ship?


Maths in a Bottle

11 bottles were hidden around the thinking garden. Each one had a different maths number sentence in it and we had to work out the answers. When we had completed it we were given a 'pirate code'. The code lent us to a message. Can you tell your adults the message? 


Buried Treasure

On the laptops we played a game of phonics buried treasure. Here we had to sort the real words from the nonsense ones. This is a great game you can play on your laptops or tablets at home.


We are all really proud of the behaviour of all children especially on this scorching hot day.