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NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe Assembly

Today during assembly we were joined by Shelly and her friend Buddy. Shelly told everyone about Children's Rights:

  • The right to speak out and be heard
  • The right to be safe
  • The right to get help when we need it   

We watched a film about a girl called Sam. Some people were not very nice to Sam.

Can you remember the things that happened to Sam that made her feel sad?  

Sam decided that she would like to talk to a grown up at school. One day she was feeling very brave and she told her teacher. Her teacher listened and she got help for Sam. Things started to get better and Sam was happy and safe.

The children told Buddy about all the adults in school they can talk to who will help them. There are a lot!

The children also told Buddy about the adults out of school who can help.

Shelley reminded everyone that it is a good idea to talk to your friends if you are sad but you also need to tell a grown up. 

Everyone used a whisper voice to say:

'I have the right to speak out and stay safe'

Then in a classroom voice we said:

'I have the right to speak out and stay safe'

Finally in a playground voice we said:  

'I have the right to speak out and stay safe'

Shelly and Buddy told us about the ChildLine number which is a free number and there are people at ChildLine ready to listen and help children whenever they need it.

We learn the number 0800 1111

Can you show your adults at home how to sign this number? 


Parents/Carers If you would like to know more about the work of the NSPCC you can visit their website: