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Mount Road Baptist Church Bible Exhibition 2013

What a treat for all the pupils at Westfield Infant School today! Each Year Group took it in turns to visit a fantastic Bible Exhibition led by Jem Hudson and a team from Mount Road Baptist Church. Pupils were given an interesting snapshot into the life of Jesus as they heard stories and looked at beautiful illustrations. Pupils loved meeting different characters from the Bible including Mary - Jesus' mother, Zaachaeus and Luke and listened attentively as they recounted events. Each Year Group was then split into 3 groups and had the opportunity to dress up in clothes from Bible times, taste exotic fruits from the Middle East and take part in a quiz to check who was listening! It was a real encouragement to hear pupils share their own knowledge by answering questions, drawing on what they have learnt at School.

A massive 'Thank You' to all involved; a fabulous way to support our RE Curriculum - the pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed it!