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Meeting up with former pupil and his family

Mrs MacLauchlan and Brumas had an unexpected surprise when they were able to arrange to meet up with a former pupil from Westfield Infant  School and his family. As you can see from the photographs Mrs MacLauchlan was able to test one of the folders out that are ready to tell the sponsor students all about Westfield Infant School!

Brumas also gave the family one of the Westfield Infant School Calendars and a pen! His luggage is now a little lighter.

Mrs Leeson has asked us to find out what makes children happy in India and the answer this time was 'Playing Tennis'. Mrs MacLauchlan was very impressed to know that he is so dedicated he has a tennis lesson at 6.30 a.m. before a day at school!

Mrs MacLauchlan has now got a letter to look after for the rest of the trip and she has promised to read it out in assembly after half term.