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Meeting Jet

On Thursday afternoon we had a special assembly to meet a new friend of Westfield Infant School - Jet!.


Mrs Cosnett came in with Jet, who looked very smart in his Westfield coat. 


Jet will be coming into school once a week with Mrs Cosnett.  Mrs MacLauchlan showed us Jet's box, which has all the things he will need at school, a bowl, toys - he even has a bed to keep in the Rainbow Room.


Jet is a very special dog and he has passed tests so that he can go to places such as Hospitals and Nursing Homes as a Therapy Dog. However we are very lucky because Jet has decided that his favourite place to come is Westfield Infant School! 


Mrs Cosnett told us all about Jet. Children can you tell your adults at home the month of Jet's birthday? How old he is? Why he is called Jet? If you can it means you were using your good listening ears! 


Everyone was very excited to meet Jet in assembly and in their classes when he had a walk around the school  so he could meet everyone.