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Mablethorpe Residential Trip

On Thursday 23rd  June, the Year 2 children set off to Mablethorpe for an exciting, activity-packed 2-day residential at the Mablethorpe Leicestershire Children's Centre. The journey was long, but games made the time pass quickly. 


Arriving safely, and having a quick snack, the children quickly made their way to the beach for games and paddling. 

"I loved building sandcastles with Ethan" Russell

"I enjoyed going in the sea and splashing Tilly!" Brooke


The sand train journey to the Seal sanctuary was amazing.

"It was like a rollercoaster and we got to go in the sea too!"

The children enjoyed seeing the variety of animals and wildlife at the sanctuary.

"It was funny when the seal fell out of the pool because he smelt food" Layla


After a gentle walk back to the centre, the children enjoyed a cooked dinner, hot chocolate and a film before bed. 

"Tilly and I pretended to be asleep when Mrs Parkes came into the room. When she left, we went onto each other's beds and drew pictures" Brooke


In the morning, after a tasty breakfast, we all set off along the beach and promenade, looking out for physical and human features of the seaside.

"I spotted some crab's legs lying on the beach. The colourful beach huts are human features" Layla.


The RNLI Centre helpfully showed us around the rescue boats and we watched a film explaining the important work that the RNLI do around the coast of the UK. 

"They have a white flare that fires 300m into the air so they can see at night" Layla.


After a final play at the centre's adventure playground and a final photograph, we all boarded the coach and set off home, some were a little sleepier than others!

"I saw my mummy as I got back to school and I was happy" Bethany.