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Letterbox Books

Last week we had two visitors Cathy and Jeena from London who came to find out about the Letterbox Gang and the orange envelopes of books that we regularly have delivered.

Our visitors were able to see an assembly when the Letterbox Gang received their latest parcel. They also spoke to Mrs MacLauchlan and the children to find out about what everyone thinks to the books and other lovely resources in the orange packets. 

Mrs Saunders invited some parents to come in and discuss the Letterbox Project so they also had the opportunity to share their views about how the packs are used at home and what they think to the idea of the children bringing the orange envelopes home.

It was a very busy day and as a thank you we were told we would receive some books.

However imagine our surprise this week when a number of boxes full of lovely books arrived! As you can see from the photographs the children were very excited!  

Thank You to Steve, Cathy and Jeena for sending us the lovely selection of books!!