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Lanterns Play in a day - 'Play Safe to Stay Safe'

The Lanterns had a very exciting day full of drama.They worked together to create a play all about internet safety. We learnt the key messages about staying safe on the internet such as not telling others your password, creating a password that would be difficult for others to guess and ALWAYS asking a grown up before going on the internet. We also learnt what to do if there is a pop up on your screen; tell an adult and NEVER click on it as you may give the computer a virus. We learn that you should NEVER share your personal information with anyone on the internet as they may just be pretending to be your friend. Don't tell them your name, school, address or phone number. Can you think of any other personal information that you shouldn't share? Lastly we found out that you are not allowed a facebook account until you are 13 years old so we should never be looking at facebook without an adult.


The Lanterns performed their play superbly to the rest of the school. The play involved all these key messages in fun and engaging ways. The whole school learnt you have to PLAY SAFE TO STAY SAFE!  Well done Lanterns!