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KS1 Christmas Performance

This year's Christmas performance for Year 1 and 2 was called 'Silent Night' and it was the story of how the well-known carol was created by Father Joseph Mohr. The Year 1 children all had their own dances which were brilliant. The Year 2 children formed the main cast with many speaking parts. Everyone played their role with enthusiasm and the singing was uplifting and put us all into the spirit of Christmas. Thank you to Cath Williams for playing the piano. We really couldn't have done it without her! The costumes were amazing, as always and thank you to Mrs Woodley for making them. While rehearsing the play, the children developed their reading and speaking and listening skills to learn their parts. During PE, children learnt simple dance routines to be incorporated into their Christmas dance whilst the singing enhanced our Music curriculum. 

A huge thank you to Mrs Babic for organising the sale of tickets. It all went really smoothly. 

We all had lots of fun creating this year's Christmas production and we are sure you will all agree that it was well worth the effort.