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'Into the Screen' e-safety workshop EYFS

Today the pupils in Reception classes 1 2 and 3 had the opportunity to work with Steve from ‘One Day’ about being safe online. They took part in a workshop called ‘Into the screen’. They talked about what we could do to stay safe when we are using the internet.
They discussed passwords and how they should be a ‘secret’ word. We then entered our passwords onto the giant keyboard which let us enter the ‘games’.

 Once inside the ‘games’ the children took on roles of various fairytale characters including the 3 little pigs and little red riding hood.

 The children were given a buzzer and when they saw or heard something dangerous or unkind in the ‘game’ they had to press it. All the children helped by telling the characters what to do.

 We all now know to tell an adult we can TRUST!