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International School Award

We are delighted to be able to tell you that we have been reaccredited with the International School Award!


Here are the assessor’s comments, which highlight where our application was particularly impressive and some points to take note of as we continue to develop the international links we are so proud of.

“Westfield Infant School has successfully met the criteria for the International School Award.  It was a pleasure to read this submission, which contains so many wonderful opportunities for the children to learn about the world.  You have active links with schools in India and use them within your curriculum work to engage the pupils with a wealth of activities.  Using the topics of trees, school meals, recycling and gardening is such an imaginative way of allowing your pupils to learn about their world, in collaboration with their peers in India.  To develop collaborative activities further you might consider using Skype, or other internet programs to allow the children to communicate directly.  You could also investigate establishing a European partnership that will allow the pupils to try out some other languages.  E-twinning can help with developing European partnership work.  The ambassadorial requirement has been met and it is clear that you are more than happy to disseminate your international work to a wider audience.  Congratulations on your excellent international work and good luck with future projects.”


As you can imagine we are all very pleased that our hard work in promoting international links has been so well received and that all the pupils at Westfield Infant School are able to continue to extend their learning of the wider world.


We now have an International Council who are going to be helping to maintain links with our 3 sponsor students and help promote global projects.  You can meet them below.