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India Assembly

Today during our assembly we were joined by Mr Phil Nevett. He was delighted to receive a cheque for £738.00 from the School Council. This money was raised as a result of the Christmas Plays and will start a fund with the Nevett Fund to improve the surface of the playground at St.Mathias Primary School in Pondicherry.

We also saw photographs and clips of the trip to Pondicherry that Mrs Guest and Miss Hamilton made just before Christmas. It was very exciting to see Kira and Cole again and we were pleased to see the displays that Mrs Guest and Miss Hamilton did which have improved the classrooms at St Mathias Primary School. 

It was also fantastic to see Mrs Guest and Miss Hamilton presenting the two laptops to St Mathias Primary School and training the staff so that they can use them in their teaching. A huge thank you to Education City for the training they provided to Mrs Guest and Miss Hamilton before they left for India and for donating the equipment and the subscription.  

We could also see from the photographs that Brumas Bear enjoyed his second trip to Pondicherry and met a lot of new friends!

We are hoping that later in the year Sister Rose and a teacher from the Primary School will be able to make a return visit to Westfield Infant School.

Finally Mrs Guest and Miss Hamilton had a big surprise for Mrs MacLauchlan, Mrs Leeson, Mrs Fox and Mr Nevett because Sister Rose had given them some presents to bring back and give out! It was like Christmas all over again as they opened some very exciting parcels! Thank You Sister Rose and we hope to see you soon!